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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Golden Girl-A Vintage Outfit Post and a Review of Piplotex's 1950s Cigarette Pants

Obviously I dress up all the time, but I always try to wear something a bit extra special on my birthday.  This year for my 39th it was Piplotex's cigarette pants in gold lame.  

I figured I should celebrate the beginning of my last year in my 30s with something a bit wild and outside my comfort zone, and gold lame pants are definitely perfect for that!

These pant's are just amazing, I adore them.  They are cut just like the 1950's originals with a high waist and slim cropped legs.  They look like they came straight out of a late 1950s Frederick's of Hollywood catalog

except they are much better.  Piplotex sells the in a range of sizes but they will also custom make them to your figure.  Since I'm short that is the option I went for.

 I wore my new pants with my Freddie's of Pinewood Beatnick top, which I've personalized with a genuine 1950s letter K sweater applique, 1950s style gold hoops from Mrs. Polly's lucite, remix flats, and my beloved 1950's novelty cat purse.

I don't usually wear anything as fitted as these pants so I was a bit nervous ordering them,  however Piplotex has absolutely amazing customer service ad worked with me.  The pants arrived amazingly fast and while they are fitted I was pleased that they are not skin tight  and they are super comfortable.  

The gold lame version of these pants has now sold out and I'm so glad I nabbed them when I did, but they are still available in a wide range of fabrics and beautiful colors and for a great price just $64.00, which is amazing for a hand made garment.

I'm hoping my style will get ever more eccentric and wild with every passing year and these pants are certainly a step in the right direction.


  1. looking forward to your 40s hoping you get more wild and eccentric. Love all your outfits

  2. Great pants!!! We think as you get older, you no longer worry about looking like everyone else and what's considered 'in fashion'. So let yourself go, girl!

    1. well as much as i love clothes i hate "in fashion" so im on my way

  3. Those pants are really something, and indeed $ 64 for a handmade garment isn't expensive at all. xxx

  4. Love this-they look great on you! I saw this earlier today on Instagram and came over. I don't know if you knew what I've started over on the blog. It's a Linkup that is dedicated to 2nd loved styles. I know the pants are new but the pin and bag are perfects (you only need one 2nd hand or vintage thing to linkup). I don't know if you have ever done anything like that, but thought i would put it out there if you would be interested. I'm still Meadowtree but now am The post that has the linkup on it is
    I'm just letting you know because I have always loved you vintage vibe but no problem if you don't care for that kind of thing. Take care, Terri

  5. I have always LOVED gold and black together! Love that you decided to try something out of your comfort zone. Oh, and love the cat purse, too. I have one kind of similar though it is not vintage.

  6. WOW. Those look fantastic on you - you've got the shape to wear them with flair. I'd look like one of those metallic helium balloons!

  7. It's wonderful you've decided to go outside your comfort zone. Those are beautiful pants and you look fantastic!

  8. Super cute! And, wow, that IS a deal for custom made! Nice butt. :)

  9. They look perfect on you, and you are right, that is a great price for handmade!

  10. you look fantastic and a great way to start the last year of your 30's. Happy birthday! I might need to look into a pair myself (in whatever fabric they have left). Thanks for sharing your purchase :)

  11. Oh wow--those look great! I am a big fan of gold lame and you wear it well. Way to celebrate!

  12. It's wonderful you've decided to go outside your comfort zone. Those are beautiful pants and you look fantastic!


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